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Trainingsgäste aus Chicago zum Intensivkurs bei proffac                                                        

​​(c) by proffac UG – Arlind und Era aus Chicago zum Intensivkurs bei proffac

Fußballausbildung im Land der Weltmeister – ein Traum ging für eine amerikanische Familie und deren fußballbegabten Nachwuchs in Erfüllung! Von Chicago nach Köln zu proffac auf den Platz, dort bestens betreut von Martin Sistig und Sebastian Geißler, die ihre intensive Individualförderung mit der speziellen proffac Trainingsphilosophie von der ersten bis zur letzten Trainingsminute durchorganisiert haben. Und dass man mit 2 Trainingseinheiten täglich an fünf Wochentagen über insgesamt zwei Wochen schon eine ganze Menge Fußball vermitteln kann, begeisterte die ambitionierten Eltern. Während Arlind in der U11 spielt, verstärkt Era in der U9 ein Mädchen-Team. Beide werden vermutlich mit einer gehörigen Portion Selbstbewusstsein und neuem Können in ihre Ligen zurückkehren – aber, das sie die proffac-Trainer am Liebsten auch noch gleich mit zurück über den ´großen Teich´ genommen hätten, ging nun wahrlich nicht! Was hätten da die anderen proffac-Schützlinge von Martin und Sebastian gesagt, denn die freuen sich auch schon wieder auf ihren Trainingsstart zum deutschen Schuljahresbeginn!

proffac wünscht Era und Arlind staunende Augen ihrer Teamkollegen/innen, wenn sie demnächst wieder auf den Fußballplätzen Chicagos in ihren Ligaspielen unterwegs sind.Dieser Beitrag wurde unter proffac - International abgelegt am 31. August 2015.

Dieser Beitrag wurde unter proffac - International abgelegt am 31. August 2015. 

Being a guest of the world champions in Germany - individual football training at the football academy proffac
Two football talents have set out for Cologne/Germany. On their trip across the pond, Era, only 9 years, and Arlind, 11 years, are about to experience what modern football methodology can achieve. In search of innovative training methods they have found the young individual training company proffac in Cologne. Within a very short time, proffac has not only evolved into a national insider tip, but has already become an internationally targeted football academy. By using a specially developed training theory based on the most innovative methodologies, the academy teaches young players what it really means to play professional football. The training focuses on enhancing the qualities of a “modern football player” – brisk in the brain and fast as lightning in the reactions using exceeding technique. Nowadays a player needs to be trained on many different levels until the “modern football player” is ”prepared” when he/she is on the football field so to speak. As the latest scientific findings are flanking the purely technical football training in many areas, it is proffac’s intention to ideally combine this academic knowledge with the practical expertise in playing the ball – and they are successful!

Based on the analytical knowledge, which has co-founded the successful story of the German A-National Team, it is the ability of having an eye for detail which proffac teaches the players in a highly original manner. Proffac has also integrated the latest sport scientific findings - generated by the worldwide acknowledged German Sport University Cologne and its partners – to their innovative training concept. Thus, partners coming from many different neighboring disciplines are successfully collaborating with proffac. This meticulous work, which takes into account the cognitive elements during training sessions and which focuses on the positive adjustment of the smallest behavioral changes within the game-techniques, has already raised a lot of enthusiasm.

 In Germany proffac successfully works with players between 8 and 23 years and coaches young talents up to the level of the Junior National League players and the Junior Bundes League players. Many international 

players have also discovered proffac for themselves and are further promoted with great diligence and with regards to their individual potential.

The Chicago-Football-Kids have rather quickly noticed the differences between their usual training sessions and the ones with proffac. With the support of their “own” proffac trainers, the little football players successfully completed a training, which was adapted according to their current performance. The daily football curriculum consisted of up to two intensive training sessions with “their” trainer, who specifically worked on various core areas while balancing the normative strain of the respective age group. The mix of classical training, results of highly modern findings and the use of an electronic task system causes great motivation in the course of overcoming many football obstacles when finding oneself on the way of becoming a professional football player.

The managing director Alexander Otto explains: “The core quality which we teach our fosterlings over and over again is the ability of automatically making the right decision both cognitively and intuitively, in order to be ahead of the all deciding moment in football. At the end of the day, the result needs to be seen on the field, and the outcome would be even better, if the ”grey theory” formed an optimal connection with football praxis.” However, the young players Era and Arlind didn’t care for the theory-based training contents. What they took back to Chicago was a lot of motivation and new football-know-how – and at the end of the intensive summer camp, the only thing they thought of was: “We want to take the proffac trainers with us!” proffac wants to thank the young players for their trust and the many inspiring training moments together in Germany.