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                                                ERA FC                                                                                           "WE DEVELOP YOUTH SOCCER PLAYERS"                          

"we develop youth soccer players"

ERA FC & FOOTSKILLS-ERA INC                               Contact Information:


Location:900 Foster Ave, Medinah, IL.60157

  • Rules & Info:
  • Team and Player Success:
  • You must practice and you must  play games, day in & day out, with your elite team, individually on your own, or, one v one with the coach upon request, 
  • long term, one year minimum, steady, systematic repetitions.
  • Practice, Practice & Practice / Games, Games & Games :
  • Practice & Games go hand to hand together, always.
  • -There is no good practice without playing a good game.
  • -There is not a good game without working hard prior to it on the practice.
  • Outdoor Practice:
  • All players must wear the
  • -Outdoor Practice Set.-bring Water only; -wear shin guards; -notify in advance when missing the practice;
  • -No Exceptions
  • Outdoor Games:
  • -Each Player Must Arrive 45' to 60' minutes before the Game starts.
  • -Warm Up & Stretching before the game is a must and a very important element to prepare our players for the game.
  • -Bring Both Uniforms with you; -Home Jersey is Red Color; -Away Jersey is Black Color; -bring Water only; -wear shin guards; 
  • -notify in advance when missing the game.
  • -Each Team Coach can reduce the play time in a reasonably manner, for the late arrivals or for the players that have missed the practice, before the weekend game.
  • -No Exceptions
  • Coaching Staff:
  • All Players and Parents are encouraged to get familiar with our Coaching Staff.
  • 1-Coach Artur, 
  • 2-Coach Amarildo, 
  • 3-Coach Luis,
  • 4-Coach Alondra
  • 5-Club Manager-Alketa: 630-730-8979 
  • *All coaches mentioned above
  • will participate directly in coaching, during the practices and during games.
  • Our Coaches will share similar practice & game concept; However, their individual coaching methods are highly supported. 
  • We believe that the individual flavor and influence of coaching will benefit our players and our club in the short and the long run.
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  • Yes We Believe!
  • We are in a mission to help and to develop Elite College & Professional Soccer Players. 
  • Media does play a big role in this regard. Please register and  like us on the Facebook if you have not done so.
  • Please encourage family and  friends to like us on the Facebook or Twitter as well.
  • Our players will benefit tremendously and will be more known and will have better chance to be scouted 
  • from College Agents, Professional Coaches and Sponsors. 
  • .Please use our website for the most updated info in regards to our players, our club,
  • practices and games.
  • We have invested on the website for the benefit of our Players and our Club.
  • Communication between players/coaches & parents:
  • Please explain to your player prior/during and after to each game and practice that all the corrective criticism from the coaches has to do with that particularly game/practice and should not be taken personally. 
  • All the coaches will try to address any errors or mistakes to make room for improvement but please explain that is only to benefit the players performance during practice and games and should be left there. ​This will help the player for their future career as a person, a student, a player in life. 
  • Please remember that we are trying to build an elite college/professional soccer players. The small size of our club will benefit our players in this regards. This should not affect the relationship between players, coaches and parents. 
  • Contact me directly or Alketa, the club manager-630-730-8979 if any question.The key to our success is the continued training of our Players
  • and the continued support from our Parents, Family & Friends.
  • Thank you,

*ERA FC Code of Conduct: 

All ERA FC Players must play for ERA FC TEAMS only during the 2016/2017 Soccer Season. "NO EXEPTIONS". 

Player release from ERA FC is the consequence result when a Player does not comply with the rules of ERA FC. 

*Parents need to make sure they've read it along with their child, understand what the rules and regulations are at ERA FC.

ERA FC Players & Parents are agreeing to this yearly disclaimer as matter of agreement and membership between themselves and ERA FC.

This disclaimer is mutually agreed and privately arranged terms and conditions as part of a player membership on a yearly basis.